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LMSC Rule Amendments - GEAR RULE -
Gear Ratio of 5.97 +/- 0.11 is required for competitors running Ford Crates, Chevy Upgrades or Harrington engines.

604 Chevy crate engines will be granted a weight break such that total weight will be 3000 lbs with right side weight being 1350 lbs. No additional weight break will be allowed regardless of which shocks are being used (PRO or built shocks).

Effective August 1st 2018 the following rules amendments are applicable to LMSC.

Ford crates will be allowed to utilize a one inch thick maximum solid aluminum spacer beneath the carburetor. Open or four hole spacers permitted.Ford crates will be allowed to utilize gear ratios up to 6.28

Effective August 8th, 2018 the following rules amendments are applicable to LMSC

 Chevy Upgrade –

Chevy Upgrades may run a 390 CFM four-barrel carburetor, Holley P\N 80507-1, with a one-piece, open solid aluminum carburetor spacer, one inch in thickness, between the intake of the carburetor.


Chevy 604 Crates –

May replace valve springs with Beehive Valve Spring, P\N 26918-16, with Valve Locks, P\N 601-16. Also, may run super sucker style spacer plate, HVN P\N 13519361. A 7000 chip must be ran if above valve spring are utilized. 

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